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PithHelmet Rule Editor - Sample Site Preferences - Ad Blocking

Most of the settings in this section can be set to "default." A default setting will be inherited from the Default Site Rule, pictured here. Default settings are only relevant for site rules but are basically meaningless on the Default Site Rule. As such, the behavior of a default setting on the Default Site Rule is undetermined - so just don't do it.

Checkboxes that have been set to the default value have a small dash in them.

Enable ad blocking for this site
This will turn the main blocking functionality on and off for a particular site.
Block URLs from 3rd party sites
The checks each url requested to make sure that it is coming from the same site. Usually this will nuke almost all advertising, but certain sites like actually host their images on another site like or In those cases, this type of blocking must be turned off.
Block pop-up windows
This is the same as the Safari setting of the same name - it cannot be set to default.
Matching known ad-sizes
After a page has finished loading, all images are checked to see if they match the most common ad sizes. If the dimensions match, the image is hidden. This cleans up a lot of ads and prevents them from taking up space on the page.
From blocked URLs
After a page has finished loading, all images have their src tag checked to see if it matches one of the block rules. If so, the image is not displayed.
Linked to blocked URLs
After a page has finished loading, all links are compared to the block rules. If the link matches, it is hidden. This will hide any images or text that were linked to a url that would be blocked.
Animate images
This control how many times to play animations on a particular site. The default setting is Twice.