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PithHelmet Rule Editor - Sample Site Preferences - Security

Most of the settings here are identical to those found in Safari's own preferences pane. This allows you to fine-tune preferences for a particular site, for instance allowing Java applets only for a select few sites.

It is important to note that PithHelmet Default Site Rule supplants the settings in the Safari Security preferences panel. Those values will only be used when PithHelmet is disabled.

Cookie Policy
These will override the cookie policy settings in Safari. It is important to note the PithHelmet blocks outgoing cookies as well as incoming cookies. This means that even if you have accidentally picked up a questionable cookie, the data will not be sent unless explicity allowed. The cookie policy for a particular site can be set to "default" which means use the value from the Default Site Settings rule.
Discard when application quits
This makes all cookies caught by this rule behave as "session only" cookies. When you quit the browser, they will all be deleted. This value can also be set to "default" by clicking the checkbox until it displays a dash instead of a check mark.