PithHelmet Menu

Links to a few helpful sites for building blocking rule and understanding regular expressions.
Block Filtered Content
turns PithHelmet on/off
Reload Page Unfiltered
reloads the current url with PithHelmet disabled temporarily
Truncate Log...
Deletes the PithHelmet log file if you feel it is getting too large
Revert To Factory Rules...
Creates a backup of the current rules and then restores the current rule set to the latest version of the factory rules
Purge Cookies...
Purge Session Cookies
Deletes all cookies that have been flagged as temporary or "session only." These are normally deleted when the browser is quit.
Purge Cookies For <site>
Deletes all cookies for the current site.
Show Rule Editor
Show Cookie Editor
This is more of a cookie "viewer" for now. Most of the fields cannot actually be edited at this point.
Show PithHelmet Log
Opens the log file in the Console.app
Show Site Preferences
Opens a site preference rule for the current site - if there isn't one, a new rule is created with the current default settings.
Vestigial functionality from the development process. You can largely ignore this menu unless you are supremely curious.

Contextual Menus

Block Images from this Server (contextual menu)
Right-Click (Control-Click) on Image
adds a new Block rule for the server hosting the current image
Never Block Content from this Server (contextual menu)
Right-Click (Control-Click) on Page background (not an Image or a Link)
adds a new Exempt Site rule for the domain name of the current site